A safe solution for pets!

Pet pee pads

Hassle-free disposable

The disposable pads, which are made specifically for dogs, are useful for puppy training, helping senior dogs, or providing a hygienic alternative when outdoor access is not an option. Just simply pick the used pad and discard it in the dustbin. You may maintain cleanliness anywhere you travel with your fur buddies. 

Leak proof design

The pee pads are made of high-quality fabric that quickly removes moisture from the top layer. Now you can relax knowing that the leakproof liner forms a shield to keep carpet and bare floors free of puddles making the whole procedure very convenient for you and your dog.

Highly absorbent pads

The standard size of the pad 60*90cm can cover the area for your dog to pee easily without you worrying about any leaks and spills. A heavy-duty super absorbent core transforms urine into gel and seals the liquid in the middle layers. The training pads effectively and reliably absorb urine and offer easy hassle-free cleanup.

Superior 5 Layer Lock in Design

Too hot weather for you to take your Dog out for a walk?

Healthy and Hygienic way for your Pet to pee!

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